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Updating your Fuel Management Technology: Why it’s crucial for your Fueling Operation

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The Oil and Energy industry encompasses many sectors; many of which are constantly changing and advancing. In a world of change, it is important to stay up to date on technologies that will improve your organization’s operational efficiency.

Fuel is one of the greatest operating expenses for a business, and many organizations are still managing their operation the old-fashioned way— ordering fuel by phone calls or emails, writing delivery tickets, manually inputting fueling data into an accounting software, etc. In 2021, many industries have embraced the change, and taken advantage of new technologies to ditch the antiquated manual operations methods of the past. For organizations ordering and managing fuel, we are at just the beginning, and are finally starting to see companies utilize technology solutions.

There are many types of fuel management solutions on the market, however they are costly and often require hardware to be installed, regular maintenance, and software updates. There are a handful of organizations that have already tried to invest in these technologies, however many find they don’t quite cover every piece of the puzzle.
Fuel Me, a digital platform to simplify the fuel ordering, fuel delivery, and management process, provides organizations with technology to replace each antiquated step of your fueling operation. If you are a fuel customer and answer yes to any of the below questions, it may be time to look further into investing in the most up-to-date methods.

  • Are you spending time making calls and sending emails to order fuel?
  • Are you able to track when your fuel leaves the terminal, all the way up until the fuel truck fills your tank?
  • Are you ordering and receiving invoices from more than one supplier, and require your employees to manage payment of these invoices?
  • Are you able to integrate your existing fuel management and ordering systems with telematics?
  • Are you currently managing a process to order fuel in addition to having a physical fuel management system installed?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, there is room to improve. Luckily, improvement doesn’t have to equal writing large checks or leasing equipment, it can be as simple as registering with Fuel Me and letting us do all of the work.

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