Fuel Me

Services Overview

We offer dependable fuel delivery solutions to service all of your fueling needs – from reefer delivery to on-site fueling and diesel delivery, we offer customization options to mee the unique demands of your business.

Fueling Services

Fleet Card by Fuel Me

Take complete control of your company and employees spending! Save money and get access to money management like never before!

Accepted Universally wherever
Visa or Mastercard is accepted

Business Focused
Rewards and Perks

Complete Control over Assets,
Employees, etc.

Off-road Fuel Tax Rebate
Data Tool

24/7 Support

Flexible Terms and Payment

Pre-Register For Our Fleet Card

Sign up now for our fleet card program and gain access to exclusive discounts, simplified billing, all while streamlining your fuel purchasing processes.

Business Card

The perfect business solution for any company looking to gain insights into user spending and have more control over company expenditures

Fuel and Business Expense Tracking accepted anywhere VISA is taken. Traditional Fleet Cards are restricted to limited merchants and industries but the Spend Me card is accepted almost everywhere

Tax rebate savings for off-road fuel purchased from a gas station or truck stop

Personal Card

The ultimate payment solution for any user! Take advantage of payment insights and loyalty programs across the nation.

NEW Loyalty Program aimed at rewarding fans with amazing merchandise, enticing meet and greets, and local discounts around your favorite event.

Everyone is accepted! Cardholders who do not meet credit requirements will be issued a Spend Me Prepaid Debit card.

Tank Rentals

Fuel tanks provide you with the ability to make the most of your fuel – stock up and reduce the frequency of how often you need deliveries!
Forget having to make trips to the gas station - get your fuel delivered directly, on-site, and never worry about the extra hassle.
Time Saving
Get back hours of your day each month by reducing the amount of labor that goes into ensuring you remain fully fueled, the Fuel Me platform can handle all of that for you.
Quality Control
Rest assured knowing that your fuel is being properly managed and monitored to ensure the utmost quality, all while protecting your bottom line.
Reduce Theft
Fuel Me’s real-time tracking ensures that you have added security and assurance knowing that your fuel is always secure.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience top-notch fuel delivery services.