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Fuel Me Partners with ValvTect Petroleum Products for Simplified Marine Fuel Ordering

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Fuel Me is a cloud-based technology platform used to simplify and automate the fuel procurement and management process. Fuel Me’s portal and mobile application allow users to place orders, track their deliveries, and manage their fuel invoices and payments, all at their fingertips.

Fuel Me already specializes in the on and off-road diesel market and is now making headway in the marine industry as well, where it can provide boaters, commercial fleets, and private yachts with an easy-to-use fuel ordering platform backed by the highest quality fuel products. Fuel Me has chosen to partner up with ValvTect®, the industry’s largest supplier of High-Performance Diesel, High-Performance Winterized Diesel, Heating Oil, and Gasoline Additives.

ValvTect already has a strong presence in the marine market, supplying ValvTect Marine Gasoline and ValvTect Marine Diesel specifically formulated for marine engines. ValvTect marine-grade fuels are available at over 800 marinas and supplied by 95 certified and authorized distributors throughout the country.

The Fuel Me/ValvTect partnership will encourage marine fuel customers to skip the phone calls, emails, and long lines that make refueling a cumbersome process and, instead, utilize Fuel Me’s platform to select their re-fueling asset, ValvTect Marine-blended product, the time, and location for service. The Fuel Me portal will then automate the fuel delivery process, leaving antiquated order and delivery practices in the past.

The Fuel Me/ValvTect customer will be able to track their order in real time, as the order moves from “pending”, to “in progress”, to “delivered.” Fuel pricing will be transparent, invoicing will be automated, and the fuel delivered will be of the highest quality.

To order ValvTect Marine Gasoline or Diesel, contact us at info@fuel.me today.