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Software has lost its magic.
We want your help to bring it back.

Remember when software still felt magical? Good software used to be an experience. It used to radically change how we lived and worked. It made us feel like we lived in the future.
Today, software is everywhere. But truly great software has become incredibly rare. Computers are faster, but apps work slower. Craftsmanship has been replaced with growth hacks. Visionary product ideas turned into incremental changes.
The magic of software got lost along the way. At Linear, we are on a quest to bring it back.

We are building the tools for the next generation of high-impact companies. The place where ambitious creators come to bring radical ideas to life. Our mission is to empower the world’s best product and engineering teams to do their best work. To build products that feel magical again.

But we can’t do it alone.We are looking for talented people who share our passion for crafting exceptional software products. That person might be you.

Join us and let’s bring back the magic of software.

Join a team of makers

We are designers and engineers. Problem solvers and storytellers.
We are a diverse team of individuals, all makers at heart.

You are clear, concise, and

You care deeply about the
quality of your work. Down
to the last pixel

You’re able to take a bird’s eye
view and solve issues

You are a team player who
loves to co-create

You are passionate about
building truly great software

You are a self-starter who
gets things done

Perks and Benefits

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If you believe in our mission of building exceptional software for the next-generation of companies, we’d love to talk to you.


Software Engineer

Senior Front End Engineer

Senior Back End Engineer

Mobile Engineer (iOS)


Lead Product Designer

Senior Product Designer


Customer Success Manager

Senior Product Support Specialist