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Are Physical Fleet Cards a Thing of the Past?

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Fleet Cards, also referred to as Fuel Cards or Gas Cards, are a tool for businesses to manage fuel expenses for their fleet of vehicles. Fleet cards benefits such as discounts, tracking of fuel transactions, and simplified management and budgeting for vehicle-related expenses. While the concept of fleet cards is nothing new, emerging technologies are helping to evolve their capabilities and boost efficiency.

At Fuel Me, our approach is focused on transforming fuel ordering and delivery by eliminating the need for phone calls, emails, delivery status updates, payments, etc. Instead, we fulfill each of these requests through mobile fleet fueling services that you can access on a mobile app and online portal. Our mobile fuel service platform allows all orders, delivery confirmations, and transaction data to live in a digital world, increasing operational efficiency and reducing time spent on paperwork.

How does mobile fueling can simplifying the fuel ordering and delivery process that tie into fuel cards?

Many companies have tanks on site, as well as the ability to fill up at gas stations around the country. Our goal is to send all fueling data, whether on site, or at a retail location, to one single and cloud-based platform. This eliminates the need to manage several databases, websites, or software, as well as the need to manually analyze fuel purchase data coming from several different sources. With one single app and contractor fleet card vertically-integrated approach automates the entire fuel procurement process.

Fuel Me’s Virtual Wallet allows clients to manage all of their payment instruments in one location, and eliminates the need for physical cards.

The procurement process would be streamlined by Fuel Me in the following way:

  • Consumers will use the Fuel Me app to view fueling locations as well as real-time pricing nearby and navigate to the fueling location through the app.
  • Consumer will arrive at gas station; the app will know it is a fueling location based on SIC code.
  • Consumer’s app will recognize the pump, and the card that has been selected in the wallet and will automatically allow the pump to authorize and begin fueling on its selection.
  • On completion of fueling, consumer will point the app at the screen, and numbers on the pump will enter to the app in dollars and gallons through AI integration.
  • This data will then go into the consumer’s portal as a retail purchase and keep all the historical details of the sale in one location. The consumer will also have the ability to enter mileage for reporting purposes.

By automating both the on-site ordering process as well as the retail fill-up process, fuel consumers will never have to worry about misplaced cards or tracking their costs and expenditures. This will bring greater transparency to the fueling industry while alleviating budget concerns among larger retailers. Download the Fuel Me mobile fueling app today to find out how you can save on your next fuel purchase!