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Time Management

Monitor, track, and manage orders and roadside assistance services in real time on one easy to use platform



Keep assets fueled and maintained for continuous operations with automated fuel delivery and assistance services


Stable Prices

Proprietary Fuel Me live pricing algorithm gives both customers and vendors order price visibility



Contactless filling eliminates potential exposure to Covid-19 contagion for operators

Transportation (1)

Transportation Solution

Fuel Me services trucks with Diesel Fuel, DEF, and emergency roadside assistance services while truckers are stopped for mandatory resting hours at rest stops and private parking locations across the U.S.

Industrial Solution

Fuel Me can manage numerous job sites servicing equipment and machinery with Red Dye Diesel, DEF, and emergency assistance services, helping contractors successfully manage and administrate projects nationwide.
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Customer registers company and billing info, assets, and servicing locations.

Customer places an order for fuel products and or roadside assistance services.

Customer receives order confirmation once the order is accepted and ready for servicing.

Fuel product and or assistance services are dispatched with real time tracking and delivery.

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Vendor registers company and billing info, available products, pricing, drivers, and delivery coverage.

Vendor receives customer fuel product and or assistance service order for review.

Vendor Accepts the order and the Customer receives the order confirmation.

Vendor dispatches fuel product and or assistance services with real time tracking and delivery oversight.

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