As part of a clean energy future and to support the transition towards sustainable energy sources, Fuel Me is proud to announce the launch of EV Fuel Me to expand its energy distribution platform to include electric charging capabilities. EV Fuel Me is launching a diverse product line of U.S.A. manufactured electric vehicle charging solutions that operate using clean fuels (LPG and CNG) and offer both portable charging systems for mobile charging, and roadside assistance as well as stationary on-site charging stations.


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step 01

Electric vehicle is out of battery

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Step 02

Place an order for electric charging

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step 03

Vendor is dispatched for assistance

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step 04

Electric vehicle receives charge

Model Number: ECFM-600
Amperage: 60 amps
Volts: 240 VAC
Peak Watts: 15 kW
Continuous Watts: 12 kW
Cable Length: 25 ft
Networked: Yes (WiFi)
Installation Type: Modular

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Start Type: Electric
Dual Fuel: Gasoline/LPG
Fuel Capacity: 10.3 gallons
Runtime: 10 hours (at 50% load)
Dimensions: 34” H x 42” W x 30” D
Estimated Weight: 260 lbs
Mount: Hitch or Bed
Generator approved by EPA and CARB

key features


Portable free-standing and modular


Universal charging compatible with all electric vehicles


Charges up to 2 miles of range per minute


Easy to use plug and charge system


No installation requirements


Connectivity with phone app to control and monitor charging remotely


Revenue generator through dispatch application

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Soundproof Cabinet