DKI ProSupply

Fuel Me is a proud partner of DKI Pro Supply, a leading buying co-op in the restoration industry. DKI provides residential and commercial emergency restoration services throughout the country. These services include 24-Hour emergency response, mitigation and restoration, as well as complete reconstruction. Our partnership with DKI will allow Fuel Me to connect with all […]


AEMP, the Association of Equipment Management Professionals, serves individuals and organizations who manage and maintain heavy off-road fleets. AEMP provides resources such as career development, and a large contact base to ensure organizations have all necessary pieces to run their operation as efficiently as possible. Fuel Me is honored to be an associate of AEMP, […]


Fuel Me has partnered up with LICA, Land Improvement Contractors of America, an organization focused on resource management, land improvement practices, and enterprise promotion within the land improvement contracting industry. As an associate of LICA, Fuel Me will be exposed to other LICA sponsors and members to expand our knowledge base, and better understand how […]

Women In Trucking

Fuel Me is a proud member of the Women in Trucking Association. The Women in Trucking Association is a non-profit organization that provides tools to educate and strengthen organizations’ diversity practices, as women began to represent more of the transportation industry. Fuel Me believes in continuously educating and expanding our knowledge base in a changing […]

Meet the Staff

Given your previous experience in the industry, how do you think Fuel Me will affect the industry for years to come? Fuel Me is the only “State of the Art” Technology in the Petroleum Industry. The current paper and pencil tracking, luck, significant market swings and opaque supply chains are part of today’s status quo, […]

Fuel Me Partners with ValvTect Petroleum Products for Simplified Marine Fuel Ordering

Fuel Me is a cloud-based technology platform used to simplify and automate the fuel procurement and management process. Fuel Me’s portal and mobile application allow users to place orders, track their deliveries, and manage their fuel invoices and payments, all at their fingertips. Fuel Me already specializes in the on and off-road diesel market and […]

Updating your Fuel Management Technology: Why it’s crucial for your Fueling Operation

The Oil and Energy industry encompasses many sectors; many of which are constantly changing and advancing. In a world of change, it is important to stay up to date on technologies that will improve your organization’s operational efficiency. Fuel is one of the greatest operating expenses for a business, and many organizations are still managing […]

Are Physical Fleet Cards a Thing of the Past?

Fleet Cards, also referred to as Fuel Cards or Gas Cards, are a tool for businesses to manage fuel expenses for their fleet of vehicles. They provide benefits such as discounts, tracking of fuel transactions, and simplified management and budgeting for vehicle-related expenses. While the concept of fleet cards is nothing new, emerging technologies are […]